Tidy gear, tidy game

Ian Roper

06 May 2024

We're loving this time of year and seeing so many golfers enjoying their time out on the golf course.

We also love having those big summer competitions on the horizon and can’t wait to see how they unfold! Do you have a particular comp you’re really trying for this year?

These two aspects of your gear are vastly different but they have one thing in common: they both get less effective the more wear-and-tear they’re put through.

If you’re gearing up for a busy competition, it’s important to think about how you manage your equipment so that everything is match-ready, and you don’t give yourself any last-minute nasty surprises. It’s a horrible feeling not having any decent balls at the ready!

You may regularly clean your clubs or always have your outfits coordinated, but how do you treat your bag? And do you always have a fresh glove at the ready?


Why do we wear gloves?


The more time you spend thinking about gloves, the more you may start to question why we wear them. Why do we wear them? Can you remember the very first time you tried on a golf glove? Like any piece of clothing built for a specific purpose that you haven’t worn before, it may have felt as unfamiliar as slipping into a wet suit.

Some golfers prefer to wear one glove, some golfers enjoy wearing a glove on each hand, and some golfers don’t like to wear golf gloves at all. You’ll rarely see a golfer wearing a glove when putting too, but the simple fact is there are no set rules about how you wear yours. Maybe it’s just tradition?


How golf gloves help your game


Wearing gloves might just not be your thing, and that’s totally fine. But golf gloves have been carefully designed to give you a better feel when holding your golf clubs. From amateurs trying to do well in a local competition, to professionals aiming to win on tour, golfers of all backgrounds use gloves because they feel good.

If you do use one, a golf glove is arguably the most important part of your gear. This intimate piece of apparel covers your hand and ensures you have the best point of contact with the club. Without a decent glove ready, you’ll be liable to slip the club in your hands and mishit the ball.

Let’s take a minute to compare gloves to wedges. These two aspects of your gear are vastly different but they have one thing in common: they both get less effective the more wear-and-tear they’re put through. A wedge won’t have the same pristine grip on the ball after 100 rounds as it did when it was new, and a glove with frayed edges and split fabric won’t give you an effective grip on the club.

If your glove is looking a little worn out or you’re looking to experiment with a new one, the latest MacWet golf gloves are tried and tested to help you get to grips with your clubs and play better golf.


The latest MacWet golf gloves


When it comes to golf gloves, MacWet is one of the market leaders for a reason, and their latest offerings will have you playing comfortably all round long. Finding the right golf glove can often be a case of how nice the material feels to you, and the Micromesh glove has been crafted to deliver an incredibly soft feel.


MacWet Micromesh Rain golf gloves


As the name implies, these gloves feature a soft mesh construction that allows for a breathable air circulation to your fingers. The gloves have elasticated cuffs with a durable velcro fastening, so you’ll quickly find your ideal fit each time you slip one on. The Micromesh Rain gloves come as a pair and offer both of your hands a steadfast grip on your clubs.

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MacWet Climatec Rain golf gloves

A glove that will make a big difference when the elements are getting fierce. The Climatec Rain gloves are wind proof, water resistant, and feature fleece-lined material to that will keep your fingers safe and ready for action throughout your round. The unique Aquatec material will give you a strong grip with the club even when you’re playing in the rain. These sturdy gloves also come in a pair.

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We’re always on-hand to give you our expert advice when it comes to golf. If you’re thinking of getting some new gloves in your bag but you don’t know what would best suit you, please contact us in the pro shop. We’d be happy to help.

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